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During February 2015, at the MAAM together with Kim Hermes, I was installing my gres floating sculptures, after six months of hard work experimenting techniques, and researching different clay types, tests to make the sculptures light and thin, physical strain during the sanding process, and finally I was living the dream: being part of this adventure that had conquered my heart from the beginning. It was a pleasant surprise noticing how in the space chosen for my sculpture, in June 2014, I was next to “Composizione M” by Germano Serafini. There is an optimal flow of air which allows the work to move continuously, to fly free. How to describe these emotions during the encounter with Laura? She is a “metropolizian” young girl. She and her friends kept us company playing techno during our installation. Once alone, I took some photos of Laura dancing amongst my sculptures, and like magic, with her movement she expressed what I wanted to say with my sculptures.

2017  Nuvola bianca, Museo del Bijou, Via Azzo Porzio 9, Casalmaggiore (CR).
2015 Satelliti, INSIEME opera del MAAM per CITTADELLARTE Fondazione Pistoletto, Via Serralunga 27, Biella, a cura di Giorgio de Finis.
2015  vola tu, Bianca Flut, Ante nu. (Marea), site specific, MAAM – Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz città meticcia, Via Prenestina 913, Roma, a cura di Giorgio de Finis.